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Our most popular trays.

MAP High Barrier Sealing Trays

If the tray you are looking for is not listed below please get in touch
These trays are suitable for meat, poultry and fish and can be produced in clear, white, black and other colours on request.


195mm x 150mm

40/50/60mm deep


224mm x 170mm

30/40/50/60mm deep

10 x 6

262mm x 150mm

40/50/60mm deep

11 x 7

271mm x 170mm

30/40/50/60mm deep

11 x 9

293mm x 230mm

30/40/50/60mm deep

9 x 7 Mini Meatballs

20 Meatball Pockets

224mm x 170mm x 40mm

11 x 7 Mini Meatballs

28 Meatball Pockets

271mm x 170mm x 40mm

11 x 7 Shingled Burgers

271mm x 170mm x 45mm

Trays for Ready Meals

Our dual ovenable CPET trays are perfect for ready meals and
can be used either in the microwave or placed into a
conventional oven.


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